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Mitgliedshochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

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Green, innovative, practice-oriented - like no other university, the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences offers a range of subjects that are clearly and consistently aligned with the so-called “green subjects”. The seven faculties of the university founded in 1971 offer degree courses in the fields of Bioengineering, Horticulture and Food Technology, Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Agricultural and Energy Systems, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Forestry and Environmental Engineering at the Weihenstephan campus (in Freising), the Triesdorf campus and the Straubing location.

The hallmark and recipe of success of the W-T University of Applied Sciences is training characterised by direct practical relevance and a sound scientific basis. Part of the philosophy is to train students for the world of work and thus to meet the demand from industry and business. Knowledge and technology transfer builds a bridge between the university and companies, associations and institutions. Research positions itself on an equal footing.


Dr. Eric Veulliet

Dr. Eric Veulliet

The university is a member of the following BayWISS Joint Academic Partnerships:

Economics and Business

Life Sciences and Green Technologies

Infrastructure, Building and Urban Development


Doctoral Candidates


Zentrale Stellen, Service und Beratung

Promotionsberatung für Studierende und Absolvent*innen an der Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

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Dr. Michaela Stegmann

Telephone: +49 8161 71-5909


Am Hofgarten 4
85354 Freising

Academic Life Long Learning

Zentrum für Studium und Weiterbildung

Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

In Vorbereitung befindet sich ein Konzept für das zukünftige Weiterbildungskonzept der HSWT, das sich konsequent an den inhaltlichen Schwerpunkten der Hochschule orientiert und das u.a. auch die zukünftige Organisation und Abwicklung der Weiterbildungsaktivitäten beinhaltet.

Prof. Dr. Sabine Homann-Wenig

Telephone: +49 8161 716247

Press and Communications


Get in contact with us. We look forward to receiving your questions and suggestions on the Joint Academic Partnership Economics and Business.

Dr. Sabine Fütterer-Akili

Dr. Sabine Fütterer-Akili

Koordinatorin BayWISS-Verbundkolleg Gesundheit und BayWISS-Verbundkolleg Economics and Business

Universität Regensburg
Zentrum zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses
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